Atlantic Cargo Pvt. Ltd. : With our operations started in the year of 2001, we have been focused towards the growth of our company by targeting new and different product portfolios and new segments in the market. By expanding our branches at new ports cities targeting new products has been a success.

Our strategies involve the protection of our sustainable environment. We have designed certain transportation techniques that invloves the reduction of carbon emission and produce a green and healthy environment for trading of goods and services.

We combine knowledge, new strategic skills, manpower with the support of better technological services to solve the the different kind of logistical solutions with the main objective of satisfying our customer and their needs.

With working over the years, we have good relations with all the operational shipping lines in the country including all the airlines that deal with air cargo. also we have been able to achieve competitive market rates according the bulk volume of the cargo. similarly we have been able to obtain stocks of one of the most prominent airlines that provide us a competitive edge in the market. At Delhi our warehouse is situated within the premises of the international cargo airport so that we are able to provide uninterrupted services.

We have in house technological developments that help us to cope up providing better services in the field of inland haulage. with an extensive growth in the IT sector in India, going hand in hand with new technological developments has been both cost effective and efficient to us. Using new technological tools always provides us an opportunity to provide our customer with value added and time bound services.

We are a member of International Air Transport Association, & Duly licensed by Director general of shipping/Ministry of ports & shipping India as A Multi-model transport operator and The Air Cargo Agent Association of India & We issue our own & insured bills of lading. We are also one of the rare Indian Multi-model transport operators who are covered with professional indemnity & liability insurance worth up to 1$million per occurrence.